Action2Zero is a web-based resource containing knowledge and tools to help communities learn about the benefits of effective road safety programs, and strengthen road safety in their community. It can assist communities to assess, monitor, and measure progress towards achieving a 5-star community. This resource contains four modules that are structured in a question and answer format to help users quickly access topics of interest. Each module contains a list of questions as well as a reference section that supports the findings shared in each module.

Action2Zero was developed using TIRF’s unique Knowledge Transfer model (KT) which is based on two decades of experience working directly with practitioners in transportation, health and criminal justice systems to implement evidence-based strategies and best practices. The TIRF model is multidisciplinary and enables research to be translated and best practices to be made available to practitioners across systems who are tasked with different goals, priorities, and resources, and who utilize different terminologies.

Action2Zero has been specifically designed to share the latest knowledge with frontline practitioners as part of the lifelong learner philosophy to guide decision-making and the implementation of evidence-based strategies. The modules are organized according to the following sections:

Learn about the fundamentals of community road safety

Discover what constitutes a 5-star community and the benefits of a strong road safety program and culture.

Learn about guiding approaches to road safety

Discover different approaches to guide road safety strategies, international best practices, and Canadian examples to strengthen road safety in your community.

Assess road safety in your community

Use this online tool with a team of stakeholders in your community to measure knowledge, action and commitment towards achieving a 5-star community.

Partners, Plans & Committees

Discover strategies to identify, engage and work with community partners to create and implement a road safety plan.


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