Community Road Safety

Increasing community road safety involves addressing issues related to speeding, tailgating, distracted driving, impaired driving, sharing the road with bicycles, pedestrians and micromobility options, and other road risks. Road safety strategies tailored to communities are needed to make roads safe.

We unite stakeholders to influence road safety programs from the ground up based on the unique features of each community. This creates engagement by making road safety more personally relevant which can inspire behaviour change.

Personalization of issues engages community members and stakeholders to work together towards a five-star road safety plan.

Learn the basics about road safety

Action2Zero offers municipalities, community members, government leaders, law enforcement, public health and other stakeholders, free tools that help communities build road safety programs for their communities.

These simple online tools will guide communities toward more comprehensive road safety programs that by their nature will provide potential solutions to the more tangible issues such as speeding, going through stop signs, school zones, safe micromobility options.

Assess community road safety with free tools

The tools in the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF)’s Action2Zero learning centre share the latest road safety knowledge and research with frontline practitioners to guide decision-making and the implementation of evidence-based strategies.

Using the modules provided, you and your community can build a comprehensive road safety program that gives everyone more peace of mind to help ensure everyone gets home safe every day.

Take action

  1. Learn

    Learn about next steps

    Access modules to learn about assessing, monitoring, and measuring progress towards achieving a 5-star community.

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  2. Assess

    Assess road safety in your community

    Use an online assessment tool to help communities gauge the status of road safety according to the three key dimensions of knowledge, action, and commitment, and assess their progress towards achieving 5-star community status.

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  3. Build

    Build a road safety strategy

    Discover strategies to identify, engage and work with community partners to create and implement a road safety plan.

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  4. Monitor

    Coming soon

    Contact us for more information about this soon-to-be available module.

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