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The Traffic Injury Research Foundation‘s Action2Zero website, with funding provided by Desjardins, supports communities with the latest research to help plan, build and implement road safety strategies. Road safety planning at the local level is essential to engage the community, reduce road trauma, and work towards achieving 5-star community status.

Learn the basics about road safety

Discover what constitutes a 5-Star community and the benefits of a strong road safety program and culture.

Assess road safety in your community

Use this online tool to measure knowledge, action, and commitment towards achieving a 5-Star community.

Take action

  1. Learn

    Learn about next steps

    Access modules to learn about assessing, monitoring, and measuring progress towards achieving a 5-star community.

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  2. Assess

    Assess road safety in your community

    Use an online assessment tool to help communities gauge the status of road safety according to the three key dimensions of knowledge, action, and commitment, and assess their progress towards achieving 5-star community status.

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  3. Build

    Build a road safety strategy

    Discover strategies to identify, engage and work with community partners to create and implement a road safety plan.

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  4. Monitor

    Coming soon

    Contact us for more information about this soon-to-be available module.

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